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5 iPad Tips and Tricks

November 23rd, 2017

The iPad is the world’s most famous tablet computer, and scores of manufacturers have launched their own iPad-inspired devices since the release of the first Apple tablet in 2010. The device runs on the iOS operating system, with the most recent model being the 2G iPad Pro, which was unveiled in June 2017. All iPads can connect to Wi-Fi, but only some offer cellular connectivity.

iPads enable you to browse the internet, use thousands upon thousands of different apps, play games, take photos, shoot videos, send e-mails, watch TV and much more. There have now been seven versions of the main iPad, with new versions normally offering improvements in design, processing power and features like cameras. Whether you’re worried about losing your iPad, unwittingly leaking sensitive data or have started to become irritated by notifications, help is available. Let’s take a look at five valuable tips and tricks that will enable you to do more with your device.

  1. Move your favourite apps to the dockApple iPad

If you’ve grown tired of scrolling through scores of apps to identify your favourites, you can use the spotlight search facility or dock your favourite app. The dock is the row of apps that feature at the bottom of the display on the home screen, and any app of your choosing can be moved there. You can add up to six apps to the dock.

  1. Use Find My iPad

As long as you have an iCloud account, you can take advantage of this valuable feature which enables you to locate missing devices. Head to the iCloud part of Settings and turn the Find My iPad feature on after entering your Apple ID. If you do lose your device in the future you can locate it via Find My iPhone/iPad on another device or go to If you don’t have a cellular connection, the iPad will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Protect sensitive data

Does your iPad feature sensitive data? If so, help is at hand. Go to the General part of Settings, head to Passcode Lock and Erase Data. This will ensure the data is deleted if someone steals your device and attempts to input the wrong passcode ten times.

  1. Control notifications

If you have started to receive too many alerts and are being notified about too many things you’re not particularly interested in, you can head to the Notifications part of settings and decide which apps you want to deliver notifications to your phone. This means you can avoid being pestered by notifications that don’t interest you whilst still keeping up to date with the important stuff.

  1. Remove battery percentage

If constantly being exposed to your remaining battery percentage is making you anxious or distracting you, you can remove this feature. To make this happen just go to Settings> General> Usage> to turn this feature off.

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