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iPhone 6

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iPhone 8

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iPhone X

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Experiencing Problems on your iPhone? No Worries!

If your iPhone gets impaired, you can either buy a new one or hire an iPhone specialist to fix your device. Remember, only an iPhone specialist can solve your iPhone problem in a fast and efficient way possible.

When it comes to finding the leading iPhone specialist, Mobi 4 U tops the list. With over a decade of experience in the electronic gadgets repair industry, the experts, at Mobi 4 U, can get your job done in a fast and smooth way. Stay connected with us to keep yourself upgraded with the latest gadgets. We offer iPhone Screen Repair for £25 for all makes and models of the Apple iPhone!

Mobi 4 U is your one-stop iPhone repair store in Bolton, Greater Manchester where we take utmost care in handling the entire repair and replacement work of your Apple device. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple is the issue. Our prompt and effective solutions to every problem are something we are known for!

Be it iPhone screen repairs or iPhone upgrades, we can fix them all in the most efficient way possible. At Mobi 4 U, we offer phone repair services for all iPhone models, from iPhone 4 to iPhone XS Max. Your repair is covered by our “No fix, No fee ” guarantee and all of our iPhone repairs come with a 1-year warranty as standard.

iPhone 5 Repair

Our iPhone 5 repair services include – damaged screen repair and replacement, water damaged phone replacement, front panel with LCD screen replacement and the back panel repair and replacement.

iPhone 6 Repair

The iPhone 6 repair and replacement services, we offer, are – screen damage, body frame damage, battery damage, home button or other buttons damage and camera damage. We repair and replace most parts of your iPhone 6 within minutes.

iPhone 7 Repair

Owning a broken iPhone 7 is indeed frustrating. To help you in this, we offer a complete iPhone 7 repair solution in the most efficient way possible. With our iPhone7 repair services, you can be able to get your device resurrected.

iPhone 8 Repair

Are you worried about your recently broken or water damaged iPhone 8? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with the complete iPhone 8 repair solution at the most competitive prices. Be it iPhone upgrades or repairing the parts of your iPhone, our specialists can help you in the most efficient way possible.

iPhone X/Xs Repair

Our iPhone X/XS repair services include – damaged screen repair and replacement, water damaged phone replacement, front panel with LCD screen replacement and the back panel repair and replacement.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get your phone back to its previous condition.

For any queries, please feel free to email us on or call us on 01204 520 520.

Our Apple iPhone Repair Services include:

Screen Repairs
LCD Repairs
Speaker Replacement
Screen Replacement
Charging Port Repair
Charging IC
Power Flex
Water Damage
Home Button Replacement
Headphone Jack Replacement

Button Replacement
Camera Replacement
Antenna Replacement
Battery Replacement
Sim Card Reader
Software Updates
Microphone Replacement
Proximity Sensor
WiFi Aerial
Volume Button Replacement

We repair all the following models of Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone 3 Series

Apple iPhone 3G ( A1241 )
Apple iPhone 3G ( A1324 )
Apple iPhone 3GS (A1303)
Apple iPhone 3GS (A1325)

Apple iPhone 4 Series

Apple iPhone 4 ( A1332 )
Apple iPhone 4 ( A1349 )
Apple iPhone 4S ( A1387 )
Apple iPhone 4S ( A1431 )

Apple iPhone 5 Series

Apple iPhone 5 (A1428 )
Apple iPhone 5 (A1429 )
Apple iPhone 5 (A1442 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1456 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1507 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1516 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1526 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1529 )
Apple iPhone 5C ( A1532 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1453 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1457 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1518 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1528 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1530 )
Apple iPhone 5S ( A1533 )

Apple iPhone 6 Series

Apple iPhone 6 ( A1549 )
Apple iPhone 6 ( A1586 )
Apple iPhone 6 ( A1589 )
Apple iPhone 6 Plus ( A1522 )
Apple iPhone 6 Plus ( A1524 )
Apple iPhone 6 Plus ( A1593 )
Apple iPhone 6s ( A1633 )
Apple iPhone 6s ( A1688 )
Apple iPhone 6s ( A1691 )
Apple iPhone 6s ( A1700 )
Apple iPhone 6s Plus ( A1634 )
Apple iPhone 6s Plus ( A1687 )
Apple iPhone 6s Plus ( A1690 )
Apple iPhone 6s Plus ( A1699 )

Apple iPhone 7 Series

Apple iPhone 7 ( A1660 )
Apple iPhone 7 ( A1778 )
Apple iPhone 7 ( A1779 )
Apple iPhone 7 ( A1780 )
Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( A1661 )
Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( A1784 )
Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( A1785 )
Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( A1786 )

Apple iPhone 8 Series

Apple iPhone 8 ( A1863 )
Apple iPhone 8 ( A1907 )
Apple iPhone 8 (A1905 )
Apple iPhone 8 (A1906 )
Apple iPhone 8 Plus ( A1864 )
Apple iPhone 8 Plus ( A1897 )
Apple iPhone 8 Plus ( A1898 )
Apple iPhone 8 Plus ( A1899 )

Apple iPhone SE Series

Apple iPhone SE ( A1662 )
Apple iPhone SE ( A1723 )
Apple iPhone SE ( A1724 )

Apple iPhone X Series

Apple iPhone X ( A1865 )
Apple iPhone X ( A1901 )
Apple iPhone X ( A1902 )
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS Max

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