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Benefits of Repairing your iPhone Screen over Buying a New Phone

July 27th, 2018

Discovering that you’ve cracked or shattered your iPhone screen can leave you with a sinking feeling in your stomach, but don’t write off that phone yet, it is probably easier to fix than you think.

Whilst some mobile phone screens can cost an arm and a leg to fix, the iPhone isn’t one of them.  Breaking the glass on your iPhone screen may be an inconvenience, but it shouldn’t spell the end of your phone.

Here are four great reasons to think again about replacing your phone and get your screen repaired instead.

No need to pay to upgrade early

Unless you’ve cracked your iPhone screen on the eve of your contract being all paid up, you probably have at least a few months left to pay for your existing phone.  Upgrading early comes with a price, which is likely to be far higher than the cost of repairing your screen!

Very affordable to fix

With the iPhone 6 costing a minimum of £450 to buy outright and iPhone 6 screen repairs costing just £55, repair is by far the cheaper option.  If you’ve had a shock when trying to repair the screen of a previous phone of a different make, then bear in mind that iPhone screens are much more affordable to replace than the screens on many other makes of phone.

Environmentally friendly

Manufacturing makes up 77% of Apple’s colossal carbon footprint, so do your bit for the environment and avoid buying a new phone until absolutely necessary.

Your insurance might even cover the repair

Think back to when you first purchased your phone, chances are you were encouraged to add insurance to your monthly payments.  If you took the salesperson up on their offer, then you might finally benefit from those payments!  So, dig out your paperwork, check the small print, and bring your phone into Mobi4u.

At Mobi 4U we will endeavour to fix your phone within 24 hours.  If for any reason we can’t, we will be happy to loan you a phone whilst we fix yours.  For more information about our iPhone screen repair service give us a call on 01204 520 520.

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