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Common Reasons Why your iPad May Slow Down

May 21st, 2018

If your Apple iPad has started running painfully slow, it may be because it needs some simple maintenance and not because it’s broken.

Use the following tips to improve your iPad’s efficiency and speed up its performance.  Here are four common reasons why your Apple iPad may be running slowly and how to fix them.

If your iPad tablet is still running slowly after making the changes suggested in this blog, there may be a more complicated underlying problem with your iPad.  Find out more about Mobi 4U’s iPad repair service in Bolton, Bury, Wigan and Manchester or give us a call on 01204 520 520 for help getting your iPad tablet up and running again.

  1. You’ve not got the latest version of iOS

iOS updates often contain performance tweaks and fixes, so it’s beneficial to make sure that you’re always running on the latest version. 

To check if there’s a new update available:

Go to Settings – General – Software Update.

  1. You’re very low on disk space

If your iPad’s memory is very full then it may begin to struggle to perform efficiently and slow down.  Apps can take up a lot of memory so having a little spring clean and deleting apps you no longer use can free up memory and speed up performance.

To check how much memory is available:

Go to Settings – General – Usage.

After deleting apps don’t forget to restart your iPad to refresh its memory and see the difference the changes have made.

  1. Apps are auto-updating in the background

If your apps are set to auto-update there is probably a lot of activity going on in the background that you’re not aware of that is slowing down your iPad.  Switch off the auto-update feature and manually download updates on your favourite apps instead.

To switch off app auto-updates go to:

Settings – iTunes and App Store.

Now switch off the ‘Updates’ toggle.

  1. You’ve not been selective

If you’ve got app notifications popping up every few minutes, chances are that they’re not all useful to you and they’re slowing your iPad down.  Start by turning all notifications off and then go back through the list and only turn back on the ones that you need.

To turn notifications on and off go to:

Settings – Notification Centre.

  1. Your internet browser is running slow
  • Install an ad blocker
  • Clear the cache
  • Check your internet connection
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