Mobi 4 U are here to reduce the stress of transferring all the data and information from one handset to another. No private data is stored on a hard drive or the cloud, so your privacy is completely protected.


  1. Quickly and securely transfers content from one device to another
  1. Offer a Backup and restores content to/from USB flash drive, SD card or remote server
  1. Supports makes and models of all type content transfer

With our data transfer service, we can have your device fully loaded with the contacts, videos, pictures and calendar data from the old device in just one hour. This is great for when you have just bought a new mobile phone and cant wait to get your data off your previous phone onto your new one. Using the latest high speed data transfer technology, it saves time and effort and with the technology we use, we guarantee to have it done quicker than any other business on the market.   For more information, please call us on 01204 53 43 33.

Listed below are some of the key issues handled by our Mi phone technicians:

  •  Screen Repairs
  •  Screen Replacement
  •  Software Updates
  •  Apps Installation and Modifications
  •  Charger Repairs
  •  Charger Replacement

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