Here at Mobi 4 U, we offer nothing but the best, most cost-effective and reliable laptop repairs throughout the Bolton and Wigan areas. We offer a warranty on all of our laptop repairs, to ensure you have peace of mind. We deal with laptops every day, we have got years of experience in the field of repairing and enhancing laptops, this means that we can carry out any kind of laptop repair that you require from our store in Bolton.

With the vast amount of parts in laptops, it is quite frequent that problems can occur.

At Mobi 4 U we are able to carry out a vast majority of laptop repairs including:
  • Data Recovery Level 1
  • Data Recovery Level 2
  • Deep Scan
  • DVD Drive Replacement
  • Fan Replacement
  • Graphics with New Chip
  • Hard Disk Drive HDD Replacement
  • Hard Disk Drive HDD Replacement with Windows OS
  • Inverter Replacement
  • iPad Screen Replacement Gen 2/3/4
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • LCD Covers/Bezels
  • LCD Screen Hinge Replacement
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Power Socket Repair
  • Power Socket Repair i5 and i7
  • USB Socket Repair x2
  • Virus Removal
  • Windows 8 OS Re-installation
  • Windows OS Re-installation

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