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All About the Latest iPhone X and iPhone Accessories

April 16th, 2018

Reports are circulating that the iPhone could be about to fall in price and lose one of its most talked-about recent features. The “notch” houses the device’s 3D sensor and camera module at the top of the display, and it’s said that a new design is being worked on that will see the components embedded into the phone’s display. Reports say the change is not being made due to feedback from customers but to offer something more distinctive at a time when more and more smartphone manufacturers are adding “notches” to their devices. It’s said that the feature could be gone by 2019, with reports from last year saying Apple was keen to embed sensors into the phone display.

Current and future iPhones 

The iPhone X is Apple’s 10th anniversary phone and was launched late last year in 2017. We have already helped a large number of customers who have experienced problems with their iPhone X devices. The new device offered several exciting features, including its innovative A11 Bionic processor, glass body, 3D camera features, facial recognition technology, wireless inductive charging capabilities and OLED display. The device famously ditched the home button that featured on past models. Rumours are already circulating about what the next iPhone, the iPhone X SE, will have to offer. It’s been reported that Apple will be launching super-sized and low price versions of its flagship phone during 2018 as a result of competition from various competitors.

Mid-range iPhone X rumours

In other iPhone news, it’s being reported that Apple will release a new mid-range iPhone X-inspired device in September 2018. The lowest-priced of the new devices could be available for as little as £467/$649, according to rumours. The mid-range device could have an LCD screen as opposed to an OLED display. The iPhone X currently retails for around £999. International pricing trends do however suggest that the phone would set customers back somewhere between £599 and £629. The device could have a single-lens camera instead of a dual-lens feature but may still offer a generous 6.1-inch display as well as FaceID tech. Additional features are set to include aluminium edges instead of stainless steel. It’s thought that the iPhone X2 and X2 will also be unveiled in September 2018. 

The advantages of accessories

Many iPhone owners choose to get more out of their devices by purchasing all sorts of iPhone accessories to enhance the user experience, such as screen protectors, chargers, phone cases, in-car chargers and memory cards. Accessories such as screen protectors and phone cases play a pivotal role in keeping your iPhone in great condition. The user experience can be compromised substantially once cracks and dots appear on and around your screen, so it really can be worth spending a few pounds on providing your screen with the protection that it deserves. Chargers and in-car chargers are vital for keeping your power levels up when you are on the move, whilst memory cards can allow you to store so much more data on your device, including photos, videos and much more, especially when your phone doesn’t have a great deal of internal capacity.

An ever-growing market

The market for iPhone accessories continues to grow in line with the evolution of the device itself, with the selection of add-ons available to you becoming more and more efficient and versatile. Some iPhone accessories can be very expensive, so it’s vital that they are treated with care and taken to reputable companies when repairs need to be made.

Mobile phone accessory repairs

At Mobi 4 U, we specialise in offering iPhone accessories and iPhone repairs at competitive rates throughout the North West, including Bury, Manchester, Wigan and nearby areas. We only ever use the highest quality components and can even offer a 60-day part and labour warranty. Get in touch with Mobi 4 U today by using the contact form on our website, calling 01204520520 or sending an e-mail to

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