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How to Get the Right Mobile Phone Contract

December 27th, 2017

Most of us place a great deal of reliance on our mobile phones. The handsets of today aren’t simply used for making calls and sending texts. We rely on our phones to listen to music, catch up with the very latest news, stay in touch with our friends, conduct work-related tasks and much more. Many of us use our mobile phones frequently from the moment we wake up right up to bedtime. Sadly, far too many people are paying way too much for their mobile phones when they don’t need to and forking out for a host of features they don’t actually require. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get the perfect mobile phone contract for your needs and buy mobile phone of your choice.

Be realistic about the data you need

It’s wise to spend time shopping around for the best deals and comparing what’s available to you online rather than simply walking straight into the nearest phone network shop and accepting the first deal the staff suggest to you. Opting for the cheapest deal you can find is rarely a wise move as chances are there will be something in the small print that leaves you seriously out of pocket, such as hefty charges for exceeding a modest data allowance for instance. Today’s apps can be very data-intensive, and you can easily use up a great deal of your allowance without feeling you’ve had your money’s worth. You should be realistic about how much data you need, especially if Wi-Fi is not always available to you in your day-to-day life. If you enjoy streaming music or video, it’s wise to opt for a sizeable data package.

How many minutes do you really need?

If you spend a substantial amount of time making calls, you should think carefully about how many minutes you will need each month. Conversely, if you’re not talking on your phone very much, it makes little sense to opt for a package including thousands of minutes each month if there is little chance of you actually using them.

You will normally get a better, more generous deal if you commit to a lengthy deal. Rolling contracts are available, but you may find yourself paying out a sizeable sum for very little when you think about the perks attached to a 24 or 36-month contract. However, you should also think about the likelihood of your circumstances changing.

Moving abroad?

If you move abroad, you may need to continue paying for a contract that is not benefitting you or pay a ludicrously expensive disconnection fee. Many people agree that an 18-month contract is an ideal compromise. If you’ll regularly be making calls to friends and family members outside of the EU, check the tariffs before you sign up as calls to non-EU territories can also have a big impact on your bank balance.


It’s also recommended that you have some sort of mobile insurance policy in place, but check that you are not already covered by your household insurance before you agree to pay a set fee to your network provider every month.

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