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Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM fonearena 001
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At Mobi 4 U, we are able to fix all models of Nokia phones. We are able to carry out the following repairs. Mobi 4 U is proud to be the number one repairer of Nokia & Microsoft phones.


With locations across the length and width of the UK. Our technicians are Nokia & Microsoft mobile phone repair experts and can handle anything from a cracked or smashed screen to a battery replacement, a software upgrade, or an antenna or speaker repair. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable source of high-quality Nokia Lumia & Microsoft Phone repairs, with reasonable prices, and a fast, friendly service.

Just complete the form below, email us on or call us on 01204 520 520.

  •  Screen Repairs
  •  LCD Repairs
  •  Speaker Replacement
  •  Battery Replacement
  •  Charging Port
  •  Charging IC
  •  Power Flex
  •  Water Damage
  •  Headphone Jack Replacement
  •  Button Replacement
  •  Camera Replacement
  •  Antenna Replacement
  •  Battery Replacement
  •  Sim Card Reader
  •  Speaker Replacement
  •  Microphone Replacement
  •  Proximity Sensor
  •  WiFi Aerial

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