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Why You Should Opt for Phone Repair by Professionals

January 26th, 2018

Repairing your phone yourself to save time and money may sound tempting, but many people have found themselves deeply regretting fixing their own phones after causing more harm than good. There are many excellent reasons for purchasing repair services from professionals rather than carrying out the work yourself without the knowledge or resources needed to get it right. The value we place on our devices today means that discovering your phone is broken can be extremely stressful. Nonetheless, the vast majority of repairs do need to be conducted by experienced professionals who have fixed similar problems on countless occasions. Mobile phone repairs can require a great deal of skill and knowledge, which is why self-repairing your phone is rarely advisable unless the solution is a particularly simple one.

The dangers of self-repair

One of the many reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to fix your mobile phone yourself is that you could invalidate your warranty. Even if you are outside of your warranty, you could still cause substantial problems and turn your device into a useless brick if you attempt a fix yourself. The amount of engineering involved in designed and manufacturing today’s smartphones means expert knowledge is normally needed when repairs need to be carried out. Moreover, experienced experts know exactly how to work around a problem without playing with components they should not even be touching.

Specialist tools required?

It’s also likely that special tools may be needed to carry out your repair. Gaining access to these tools when you are not part of a specialist service can be tough, and even if you do manage to obtain them you may not know how to use them effectively without damaging your handset. Substituting these tools for others can be dangerous, as can blindly entering into a trial-and-error process. Furthermore, not all guides you find online may be credible. Many people have come unstuck after buying kits online that they thought would resolve their problem. Many of these kits include replacement parts of poor quality rather than authentic components specifically designed for your phone. Even if you do manage to fit parts that you have found online, they could cause more problems further down the line.

Trust the professionals

Using a professional phone repair specialist like Mobi 4 U that has years of experience when it comes to repairing smartphones can give you the outcome and valuable peace of mind that you are seeking. The best repair shops use replacement parts of the highest quality and know exactly how to fit them.  Self-repair can also be incredibly time-consuming, even if you do achieve the right results, whereas professional phone repair experts can implement the solution quickly, having worked on countless fixes in the past.

Why Us?

At Mobi 4 U, we have the experience, expertise and resources needed to get your phone back up-and-running quickly so you don’t need to causing damage to your phone. We offer a highly-proficient repair service for iOS and Android mobile devices, no matter how complex your issue is. To get in touch today, simply use the contact form on the site, call 01204 520520 or send a message to

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