Ever dropped a phone in the bath or down the toilet (as its becoming more common nowadays) and your phone won’t turn on or acting in an unusual manner? At Mobi 4 U we are able to fix water damaged phones within 3 days. When the phone is opened up we leave the moisture on the motherboard to evaporate. When liquid isn’t visible we then take the motherboard and use a highly concentrated alcoholic liquid to remove the corrosion off of the phones vital parts on the board. When that stage has been completed, we then leave the motherboard to one side to leave it to dry. Once dry we will place the motherboard back into the device which will enable it to work again.

Please note the high importance of delaying your phone being fixed after water damage! A phone should not be turned on or charged when water damaged!

If your mobile phone has been damaged by water or any other liquid, you’ll want to find out fast if it can be repaired. We’re phone repair specialists, and can find the best solution to the problem.

Which phone brands we will assess for water damage?

We can cast our expert eye over almost all types of phone, including:

  • Apple iPhone (Note: Under Apple warranty, we cannot open up the actual handset for repairs, and in cases where iPhones can be replaced, it will be for an Apple-refurbished, as-new model.)
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Blackberry
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • Sony

Why get your water damaged phone assessed by us?

  • We can help to diagnose your phone if it’s been:
  • Splashed by liquid
  • Dropped in water
  • Damaged by rain
  • Left in a damp place
  • Affected by condensation/moisture.

We are specialists in mobile phone repair, and if your phone’s been damaged by liquid, we can tell you whether or not your phone is recoverable

How much will it cost to repair or replace your water damaged phone?

Unfortunately, in many cases, a water damaged phone will be beyond repair – effectively making it a write off. If this is the case, our agents can assist you in picking a new phone.

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