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What to Do When Your Apple Phone Screen Cracks

December 13th, 2017

Mobile phone and tablet usage is on the increase; it’s rare to walk down the street without nearly bumping into somebody engrossed in their phone. The modern generation of Apple devices have brilliant functionality coupled with stylish looks. The disadvantage however is that the huge screens that cover the whole body are very vulnerable to damage.

Time was your phone just had a tiny peephole screen that displayed a single line of numbers, then along came the multi-line text message. Cameras followed, and then the net, so phones got ever bigger and more powerful with the screen growing to reflect this. But we’re still human beings. We drop our phones, juggle them, sit on them, lean against them. We’ve all been there, and many of us have heard with horror that faintly audible crack.

What to Do When Your Apple iPhone Screen Cracks?

You didn’t get insurance did you? It’s extra money when all you want to do is get your hands on a new iPhone. After all, it’s just a phone, what can go wrong? But now your iPhone screen is broken. That’s a nuisance, but if you use your phone intensively for business or leisure, the impact of that little crack can be huge. After all, we really can’t afford to stop using it. So what now?

For most of us when we have a cracked iPhone screen we just keep on using it. So long as the Apple phone screen isn’t in danger of completely falling out, it’s usually possible to keep going. It’s not perfect, you feel the crack each time you swipe right, but it does have the advantage of being the cheapest option.

How Bad Is the Crack in Your Phone Screen?

A lot also depends on how bad the break is. A small crack in one corner may be an annoyance but it’s not going to stop you enjoying your Apple iPhone to the max. There are even products now such as specialist glues and screen protectors, which you can buy to do a temporary fix or stop the damage getting worse. Who knows, such a solution may even see out your contract.

If however, you’ve smashed your screen into a million pieces on a flagstone floor then you’ve got problems and you need to find a solution. You will need to get Apple screen repair or replacement will be the only options for your phone. In the meantime, you’ll have no social media!

Finding Someone to Do the Job

What you really want is to get your Apple iPhone screen repaired as quickly as possible. You know it’ll look good, and the functionality will be back to its best. But without insurance and a warranty that doesn’t cover that type of repair, you’ll be looking at a substantial cost to have your screen replaced by the manufacturer. No doubt it’ll also take a while.

The alternative is to get someone else to repair it. There are back street fixers out there, but there are experts too. Come and check us out at Mobi 4U where we use only quality components sourced from the manufacturer and put together by professional staff trained to the highest level of competency.

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